Ebonylake: The Eclectic Duo

December 17, 2011

The past few years, I’ve been getting into avant-garde in metal so I was really happy when the chance to interview a band like fell into my lap. These guys were great to interview, I had a really fun time

Fanu – Serendipity

December 14, 2011

Coffee and the lush scenery of his homeland, Finland – Two key ingredients that helped electronic musician/DJ , better known as , cook up some of the moodiest, dark and evocative albums of the year. crafts a unique variety of

Al Gross & The Bottle Cap Rockets

December 13, 2011

Recently, I have become aware of a pretty cool rock band hailing from New Jersey which makes them semi-local for me. Their music has the perfect chill-out vibe in my opinion. Here’s more information on them taken from their :

Spook the Horses – Brighter

December 13, 2011

New Zealand is a quiet little country that keeps to itself and avoids most worldwide conflicts; Hell, I can’t even recall a time where New Zealand has ever aggravated another country at all. Instead, the population would rather just agitate

Stolen Babies Westcoast 2012 Tour

December 13, 2011

So it turns out that the awesome gothic rock, alternative rock, etc etc band, , will be having an awesome tour planned for 2012! They call it the “Fingers Were Made For Pointing 2012 Tour” which will be exclusive to

Dax Riggs at The Mercury Lounge, NYC 12/10/2011

December 13, 2011

Commuting to see was a bit of an adventure in the cold. The solitude of being surrounded by drunken merry makers during the entire trip, even within the venue, enhanced the vibe that he brought to the stage – which

School of the Cult – Captain Beyond (1972)

December 12, 2011

Captain Beyond is the first album by . Capricorn Records released it in 1972. At the time Capricorn was distributing the ’ record. Of course, was no southern rock album, and Duane Allman had led Capricorn to believe that Captain

Rorcal & Solar Flare – 2011 Split

December 9, 2011

Love it or hate it, you have to accept that drone is a part of modern metal today just as much as potatoes are a staple of a meat and three veg meal. Drone may not be as digestible for

Horologium – Le Paradis des Chasseurs

December 7, 2011

An endearing compilation, will be sure to tickle and torture your musical senses in ways that are unimaginable. To this minute, I’m unsure of what exactly I’d gotten myself into. is the brainchild of a Polish musician named , and