We are a music webzine that is mostly rock based, but generally will be handling anything that we enjoy listening to and sharing. Things posted will be ranging from reviews, interviews, music news, opinion articles (about current music scenes, music history, music in general, personal journeys/experiences in the music world), to any special columns guest writers would like to do. The main goal of this webzine is to present a wide array of perspectives on the music world that will possibly expand the reader's understanding of what constitutes "good music" or make them aware of the amazing diversity that exists within it.

The inspiration for our name comes from Dax Rigg's first solo album called, "We Sing of Only Blood or Love" which was suggested by John Stepp.

As the founder of this site, I first got my start in the business of review writing when I teamed up with a former Facebook friend to create a fan page dedicated to sharing sludge metal, doom metal, stoner rock, and blues rock bands during the later months of 2010. The page is named "The Stoned Hand of Doom" and I have been relieved of my duties as founder and co-manager since the dawn of 2011. In its earlier days, it was suggested by a fan that a review webpage be created to accompany the Facebook fanpage and, so, I went to the task of creating it. Unfortunately, nothing came of the review page since not many people contributed to it, but it did lead to my first review which was dedicated to Acid Bath.

During that time I was also getting immersed in the Middle Eastern metal scene and started to make contact with the people behind the music via Myspace and Facebook. The journey eventually lead to the discovery of Mind Over Metal where I was recruited to write reviews about Middle Eastern metal bands by the Editor/Founder, MetalMattLongo. Since then, I have been recruited to write reviews about non-commercially available albums for Digital Meltd0wn and I have free reign on Punk Retrospective. Both blogs are homes to very interesting individuals who have a passion for music and the desire to share it with the world. Several of the reviews that appear here were originally written for those blogs and, as such, they will have a disclaimer at the end linking to the original post.

The idea to create this site never crossed my mind until Mudamer of Thamud casually suggested it to me one day. Since then, I had at one point recruited John Stepp to be my right hand in this project. His enthusiasm and moral support has motivated me to actually set this in motion quicker than I normally would have. So, in the end, this is purely a product of the moral support and creativity of those two men. All I did was connect the dots.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of encountering amazing individuals that have supported me through-out this project. Blood or Love wouldn't be where it is today without those people and you all know who you are. Thank you all for sharing your passion and, most of all, for believing in me.

- Sarah Elgindy