Casket Robbery to finally release a Full-Length!

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May 17, 2012

Southern Wisconsin’s Casket Robbery have entered the studio to begin writing and pre-production for its first full length album. All engineering and recording is set to be done by Casket Robbery guitarist Cory Scheider (former Luna Mortis guitarist) with extra funding and support to be raised by fans through Indiegogo. New band promo photos have also been released in coordination with this press release.

We are working on some of the heaviest songs we have ever written. There are a few songs done including a song titled Malevolent Milwaukee Massacre which is a song about Jeffrey Dahmer and a song about Jack The Ripper. This album will have a video and single to be released with it. We are seeking some distribution and/or label promotion and marketing to go along with this release. When we have the right backing to release the album we will set an official release date.

For fans seeking to be a part of this album the band has set up a Donation Page on Indiegogo. All donations will receive special perks and prizes including the opportunity to get credit on the album and hear demos and unreleased tracks from the album before it is released.

Without a record label the costs of making a professional sounding album will be up to us. We have set up a donation page to help with the costs of mixing, mastering, and promoting this album. We want to have this album sound the best that it can for our fans.

Album campaign information can be found here.

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