Fall of the Idols’ drummer: Passed away

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June 20, 2011

Even though I never listened to much Fall of the Idols, the stuff they released was massive and spoke volumes in the Doom world. Releasing countless demo’s, two full-lengths and a couple splits, the band was suppose to be stacking up and getting ready for a new release of some sort very soon. It was released today yesterday that the drummer, 28 year old Jyrki Hakomäki, passed away.

From the band:

We are extremely sad to announce that our drummer Hannu Weckman passed away at the age of 28. We have not only lost a talented musician but a good friend.

Even when we stricken with grief and pain we have decided to go on with the band and will finish the third album as our tribute to him. His contributions for that album were immense, not only on drums and percussion but also on writing the music and playing some lead guitar and all acoustic guitar parts as well. We wish to give our condolences to his relatives and loved ones and join them with their grief.

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