Heavy Days In Doomtown

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February 18, 2012

This year’s HHDT fest is going to have some awesome bands playing. For those not familiar with this fest, here is their mission statement from their site:

The aim of the festival is to create an event that will be the frame for underground bands who don’t fit in with the programming of commercial venues and to fill the void that exists in Scandinavia concerning a method of exposure for underground bands.

The festival wishes to give our guests and performing artists a different kind of festival experience, by trying to create a space where everyone can feel welcome in spite of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age and economic/cultural background.

The festival thus intends to contribute on two levels; namely, by creating a channel for underground bands that doesn’t exist already, and thus showing that music and culture can be about more than money and “success”. At the same time, we’re trying to create an atmosphere around the festival that is tolerant, open, gives space for diversity and that can inspire to a different way of interacting where for example women or homosexuals don’t have to feel uncomfortable nor harassed.

This amazing DIY festival is completely volunteer based and non-commercial so give them your support any way you can! Unfortunately for those stationed in the Americas, this fest is based in Copenhagen, Denmark organized by the “Undergrundsmusikens Fremme” (translated: Underground music promotion) association who are the ones behind Denmark’s equivalent of the Maryland Death Fest, “Kill-Town Death Fest.” There is a slight difference with this festival though, it won’t feature music only, but visual art as well. Here’s a general list of the happenings for the duration of the event which spans from 3rd-6th of May this year:

-A warm up show at the alternative venue Stengade, Stengade 18
-Two days of music, art, events and madness at the DIY activist driven social centre Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61
-A cooldown day in Copenhagen’s free town Christiania with movie screenings, acoustic outdoor shows and the final concert at Christiania’s finest rock club Loppen.

A list of the bands and artists that will be present:

Aguirre (France)
Aldebaran (US)
Black Oath (Italy)
Bottom Feeder (Denmark)
Brutus (Norway)
Burning Saviours (Sweden)
Cauchemar (Canada)
Coffins (Japan)
Cough (US)
Devil (Norway)
Griftegård (Sweden)
Herder (Holland)
Jess and the Ancient Ones (Finland)
Jex Thoth (US)
Kongh (Sweden)
Torchlight (Denmark)
Moonless (Denmark)
Noothgrush (US)
Ocean Chief (Sweden)
Pagan Altar (UK)
Pilgrim (US)
Profetus (Finland)
Purson (UK)
Pyramido (Sweden)
Sinister Creation (Denmark)
Skogen Brinner (Sweden)
Suma (Sweden)
Worship (Germany)
The Wounded Kings (UK)
David D´Andrea (US)
Glyn Scrawled (Ireland)
13th Sign Collective (Denmark)/visual artists
Lynched (Ireland)

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