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Insomnium to release new album in October, 2011

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August 31, 2011

Just a few months ago I was searching for some good Melodic Death Metal bands when I happened across the album “Above The Weeping World” by a Finnish band called Insomnium. I was immediately struck with the exceptional songwriting and the way their music incorporated each element in a way that felt synergistic and soulful. Far from being a “me-too” band that thrives on exploiting the sameness that is present in much of the genre, Insomnium creates a fresh sound with climbing instrumentals and compelling vocals. I was in ecstasy.

Fast forward to the present day and Insomnium is set to release their fifth studio album “One For Sorrow” on October 12th in Finland, October 17th in Europe, and October 18th in North America. For now, you can enjoy their new single off the upcoming album, titled “Unsung.”

Official Links: Facebook Page – Independent Website.

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