Phil Swanson rejoins Hour of 13

Written on

November 8, 2011

As reported by Chad Davis:

After lengthy discussion over the past few months it has been decided that Phil Swanson will take part on the new Hour of 13 record as well as a revisit to the Emerald Isle to once again see our friends there who have been so supportive and dedicated over the years.

Phil Swanson:

I hope that people will respect and appreciate Chads decision to invite me back as well as my willingness to return in order to keep the integrity of our past efforts. Right now we are only looking as far ahead as completion of the new record and the Ireland dates that follow.

I have already received the completed music for the new album and begun working melodies and lyrical concepts around it and can say from where Im sitting this record will be a step forward from the last especially from a vocal stand point as I am taking a much more serious and respectful approach to my part now seeing how much this band actually means to its listeners.

I know many of you will be critical of my return again and my indecisiveness or loyalty to Hour of 13, but music is to be heard and the politics behind it ignored in my honest opinion, there are so many factors involved and so many sacrifices made to be a part of it. Its very unforgiving and rarely rewarding. Its often hard to commit to something that doesn’t commit to you especially when other responsibilities are the priority.

I hope everyone looks forward to hearing the new record as much as we looking forward to having it heard.

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