From Acid to the Body of Christ

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September 30, 2011

What if during the psychedelic 1970s, a somewhat “normal” guy stumbled through an open portal in time and space, allowing him unprecedented access to abnormal phenomena and unexplainable events? And what if the side effects were so disturbingly horrific, that the penance for his “state of higher consciousness” meant a 30-year sentence of severe panic, somatization, flashbacks, depression, and hypochondria from an “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome”?

Another fantasy novel? No. You get Daxx Danzig’s memoirs. It is complete with delusions, debauchery, lycanthropic transformations, narcissism, humor, music, and numerous quirks and afflictions that eventually lead to self-redeeming salvation.

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[Retired] Never mind this body, it's only breathing. A Dax Riggs and overall music enthusiast, art becomes the written word.