Al Gross & The Bottle Cap Rockets

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December 13, 2011

Recently, I have become aware of a pretty cool rock band hailing from New Jersey which makes them semi-local for me. Their music has the perfect chill-out vibe in my opinion. Here’s more information on them taken from their Facebook page:

Bottle Cap Rockets is an Indie band from Northern New Jersey. The source of their sound emanates from a host of familiar styles past and present. At a time when one style fits all and sound-alike artists abound Bottle Cap Rockets are a breath of fresh air with a personality all its own. This band is a celebration of the many colorful facets of Rock and Roll music. You’ll hear the essence of vintage British Rock on songs like “Laurel”, “Crying Shame” and “It’s OK”. There’s some Grunge on “Stuck In Traffic” plus some Rockabilly and Blues styled numbers like “Black El Dorado” and “Can’t Stop The Bleeding”.

Singer, songwriter & guitarist Al Gross started writing new material in 2009. Al assembled 12 self produced demos by early 2010 and a band was quickly assembled through craigslist. “Bottle Cap Rockets” have­­ an intensity that may surprise you coming from only three members; they’re really a band that needs to be seen live. Rick Williamson’s dynamic drumming supplies a steady groove while bass player Chris Wolfer locks the rhythm down tight and sings solid vocal harmonies to fill out the sound. The band will be recording their debut album set for release in Spring 2012.

They have a gig coming up on Saturday the 17th at The Stanhope House, 9 pm. Be sure to catch them if you can. Here are some live clips for you to enjoy until then:

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