Crestfallen w/ Kev

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June 10, 2011

Crestfallen – Another radio program on Brutal Existence Radio that will give you all you need for those Doom/Sludge and Stoner Rock cravings. Crestfallen is a 2 hours show that goes from 4pm-6pm EST on Wednesdays. It’s sort of thing that fills you full after a long day of school or work, Kev’s the chef and you’re just the customer that loves what he does on his show. If you can’t catch the show on it’s weekly schedule time, check out the podcast at Podomatic or you can hit him up on Facebook. Just a great dude that loves all things metal but also wants to hear feedback on what your opinion is of his show, good or bad, mainly good though because we all hate bad feedback, right?  Trust me, the podcast or live show won’t ever disappoint you one bit. Check it out in the links above and shoot Kev a couple words if you get the chance either on the Brutal Existence Radio site via Facebook and Podomatic. Keep up the good work, dude. Us at Blood of Love love what you produce on a weekly basis.

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