Worst Case Scenario & Mass Control Media w/ Steve Stussey

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June 8, 2011

Have you been searching for the best online radio show that plays all the heavy hitters and more unknown in Crust/D-Beat/Grind & Fastcore? Look no further my friends, Worst Case Scenario is the one stop shop that will provide you with nothing but exactly what we love in Crust/D-Beat and Grind. Steve Stussey has been doing this for a good amount of time and he knows exactly what his audience wants to hear but also what they need to hear to expand that love for the genres.  Check out Steve Stussey every Monday from 3pm-5pm EST/2pm-4pm CST/12pm-2pm PST on Brutal Existence Radio.

Mass Control Media, another one of Steve Stusseys projects that he is getting off the ground, is a  video company specializing in anything and everything music. If you need a music video shoot, some dvd footage done or just a couple concerts to put on those dvds, this is the spot for you. With the company being fairly new, he’s still trying to get the name out and about but he has a couple of things finalized and up around the net with Mass Control Media.  hit up Stussey at Mass Control Media. Trust me, you’ll be in good hand with a dude that knows exactly what he’s doing and the company can work with any budget, no matter how cheap or rich you are, people.

Official Worst Case Scenario Facebook. Official Mass Control Media Facebook.

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