August 14th – August 22nd Recommendations

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August 22, 2011

This week’s recommendations is a little different and it’s going to double as a promotion. Don’t fret, it’s still all good shit. I have two pretty sweet compilations for you guys from separate organizations with the shared desire to spread the word of great music to as many ears as possible. First order of business is an amazing compilation that came my way via a promotional email from Devin Walsh, manager of Krampus. He happens to be part of a group called Team All About The Music, a worldwide professional publicity/management/artist development company specializing in heavy metal, who released their compilation called, “Setting Trends And Banging Heads Vol 1,” a few months ago. There are some amazingly interesting and different bands on this one with a good deal of them incorporating classical instruments into their music. Listening to this one from start to finish is highly recommended. You can give it a preview and free download here. As always, enjoy!

The second offering is a compilation from Underground Music Unites. Trevor is a machine! He’s already released Volume 2 in the series about two days ago, so without further ado, here are samples from the release:

    • Admortem (melodic death metal), - Orin Haskin's March (Intro)
    • Gutrench (hardcore punk), - Left In The Cold
    • It Came From The Sea (post hardcore/progressive rock), - The Day I Realized I Loved The World ( I Crashed My Car)
    • Illumira (progressive metal), - Omen
    • Nativeburn (experimental/progressive metal), - Mine

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