August 30th – September 19th Recommendations

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September 19, 2011

I have some treats for you today from multiple genres and countries. Yeah, I’m all over the place this time and I’m also.. um.. two weeks late with this post? Damn, sorry about that. Life’s been kinda hectic, but I’ll try harder to stay on top of plaguing you every weekend with new stuff to hear.

Wiht. The Black Lanterns. Drug Honkey. Hasil Adkins. ArCease. Sound of Ruby. Those Poor Bastards. Arms and Sleepers. Alan Azar.

    • Those Poor Bastards (gothic country/death rock), Country Bullshit - Black Dog Yodel
    • 2004
    • Drug Honkey (experimental doom/death metal), Death Dub - Burundi (Reconstruct)
    • 2008
    • The Black Lanterns (punk/blues rock/heavy metal/industrial metal), Self-titled - Revenant
    • 2011
    • ArCease (death/doom metal), A Chora For My Tearful Angel - Catastrophic Endings
    • 2007
    • Arms and Sleepers (electronica), Matador - The Paramour
    • 2009
    • Alan Azar (heavy metal), Defective Harmony (split) - Defective Harmony
    • 2009
    • Wiht (doom metal/stoner/psychedelic/blues rock), The Harrowing of the North - Orderic Vitalis
    • 2011
    • Hasil Adkins (country/rockabilly/psychobilly/blues rock), The Great Lost Album - Madison Boone County Blues
    • mid-90's
    • Sound of Ruby (experimental post punk/rock), Shoumagh - I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool
    • 2008

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