The Words May Come Out Real

February 9, 2015

Traveling on buses across the country you meet all kinds of people. It’s a completely different experience from talking to someone on a plane or at an airport. Those trips are relatively quick unless you are traveling across an ocean.

The Last Surrealist – Post Life Music

September 23, 2014

Music can often times be very confined. When you experience music, you are constantly reminded that you are cut off from it, that there is a dividing line between you and what you are listening to. Headphones remind you that

Nemesis Engine

August 5, 2014

When I was sixteen years old, I owned a Cradle Of filth t-shirt for every day, as well as two oversized hoodies that made me look like I’d been bundled into a straight-jacket. Every day I’d waddle around like a

Mental Disorder

July 31, 2014

Have you ever wondered how many dirty syringes you can fit in your mouth at once? I counted five, but the real results will come when the doctor gets back to me. Have you ever wondered what Grind and Death

A Salute To Doom

July 26, 2014

Death meets doom in a draft against your will, launches tumults of tone like artillery shells through a skunky-thick fog of war. Their recent and first “full length” album, entitled, “Abandon all Dope” opens with . Upon first listen, I

Monosoul – Astral is not the Word

July 21, 2014

is a 2 piece post-prog rock band hailing from Damascus, Syria that started off in September 2012 by the hands of Anas Hajjar and Obay Sha’arani. Monosoul released their debut EP entitled “Astral is Not the Word” in May, 2013;

Ryan McKern’s “The Stillwater Sessions”

July 18, 2014

Ryan McKern’s “The Stillwater Sessions” is hellish folk. McKern led for their demo, first EP, and debut full length album before parting ways. It’s a real shame that McKern’s current project doesn’t have more attention. After recently discovering the first

The Iron Men Just Keep Getting Better and Better

July 10, 2014

I feel that as a band, Iron Man has gained a megaton of momentum since their first release up to this new album, considering all their lineup changes. “South of Earth” has a climactic crush that ought to be opening

Spiritual Void – “I”

July 9, 2014

2012 was the year started their journey in the Rio de Janiero music scene. Breaking out of the folk music that Rio is known for, Spiritual Void decided to play metal, thus leading to the release of their debut full-length