A Salute To Doom

Written on

July 26, 2014

Death meets doom in a draft against your will, War Bong launches tumults of tone like artillery shells through a skunky-thick fog of war. Their recent and first “full length” album, entitled, “Abandon all Dope” opens with “Red Eyes of the Damned”. Upon first listen, I felt influences of death and doom alike as the sound is very crunchy and threatening though the tempo slows as the tracks go on. I appreciated that attention to mixing very much. That being said, I was hungry for more once the album began to end. The album as a whole feels like a super tank on a mission to carry precious green cargo behind enemy lines and the only route is through perpetual coughing fit drone strikes and assault rifles with sticky exit wounds. As the mission goes on, the tank’s tread becomes gummed up with resin from the bones of the stoned and all we hear is the fade out of gunfire. Very heavy. For a dollar, this album is a steal. My favorite song of the handful there is “Eternal Ravenous Hunger” for its shrill trills and syncopated vocals that keep my head banging whether I like it or not.

What I ended up wanting from the album is more length and more of an audible and thick sloppy bass structure. The album seems to lack a thick muddy bass. It could almost stand alone as drums, vocals, and guitar as it is. I hope that the future of this band has more instrumental drones and poundings backed by the Mutant Chieftain’s hellish screams. More, I say! More! You would be doing yourself an injustice if you didn’t crawl on your elbows through mud-marinaded shrapnel beneath heavy gunfire just to get a piece of this great album! And by that, I mean spend a dollar on the band’s bandcamp page!

Casey is a moderate recluse residing in Portland, OR. Metalhead with a background in English literature. Trying to live before it's too late. Good thing there is all this beer, music, paper, and ink.