Aberrance – Tenochtitlan: The Rise and Fall

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August 13, 2011

With the addiction to old school death metal growing deeper within me, I was in search of something that could deliver me from this worthless sanctuary of filth that we hear today. As the pains start to unleash their fury of rage and disgust with what my ears have been hearing recently in the so called “revival of death metal” scenario, I was knee deep in shit and needed either a chopper to rescue me or a record that could hold me over, sort of like a dose of medication. After talking to Jake, the guitarist of Aberrance, for some time now, I figured it was only right that I give their new EP a listen since I enjoyed the work from their debut record “The Obese Shall Feast”. The one thing that I wasn’t ready for though, was the fact that “Tenochtitlan: The Rise and Fall” is really a different breed of what I expected to hear but also was very surprised in the overall product on this record. So, how about we step off that pussy train and enter a train with massive amounts of armor, classical bands that play in the front and back and the overall sense that you could pick-pocket anyone and get away with it. Shall we?

“Tenochtitlan: The Rise and Fall” could be called many things from critics and onlookers but the things it’s not is boring, unoriginal, tacky or disgusting. Aberrance has really set the bar high for themselves with this EP and as much as I enjoy their first record “The Obese Shall Feast”, it seems that the guys have put in major work on this solo track EP. Let’s get this out of the way right now, any band that has the guts, the balls, even the confidence to open and close an eleven and a half minute long track with classical samples of marvelous proportions, that band deserves a handshake because it’s the key to my heart. As I’ve searched and searched for the words to describe how I feel about this record, I’ve learned that some records you just can’t describe with words but more with expressions and comparing it to certain thing.

As this record starts out, you’ll hear the classical influence with the sample but very quickly you will hear that old school death metal riff that stole my heart from the beginning. Now, the whole track really does have crazy twists and turns in it but it never strays from the path of just heavy, drop down low and dance, metal that I dig. “Tenochtitlan: The Rise and Fall” could be compared to a pyramid being blown to pieces but it could also be compared to finding a ton of gold at the bottom of the ocean. Either way, you get explosions and filthy rich so nobody should complain, right? I know I can’t because with bass lines that Nick provides literally shook my laptop speakers off my desk plus the drumming that never seems to let up, not even to let the David catch his breath or rest a leg for a split ssecond, Aberrance is really bringing something new to the table and I enjoy it. On the flip side of that, Jake, the guitarist and “Cheese”, the vocalist, also bring massive amounts of noise and energy. The riffs on this record are pretty similar to what I expected since I heard their first record but with a slight step forward. The vocals from “Cheese” though are a huge improvement from what he did on the first record. More energy, pure rawness and this attitude of “let’s not worry about what I sound like and just have fun with it”, which is what I love so much about it.

Twisted and mangled to the point that I can’t see straight, Aberrance still provides this hope that death metal will be giving new life and so much to the point that it might blind the hell out of me if I’m not wearing my sunglasses at night. “Tenochtitlan: The Rise and Fall” is a maze, a maze that has traps, confusing mirrors and hidden boxing gloves that sock you in the face when you past by them without giving you any warning. This record might break you down mentally, physically and emotionally but not to the point you can’t rise back up and start headbanging with the guys in the band. Aberrance might be a twister, a vortex, hell, even a hurricane that drops sea like winds and dinosaur bones that weigh a million tons but as much damage as the band or record does, you’ll still love what you just went through, at least you should.

At the end of the day, I can say that I’ll be blasting this record until the end of time because if Christ comes back in my lifetime, I’ll be sure to use “Tenochtitlan: The Rise and Fall” as a pass into heaven and to win over his heart. I mean, if Jesus can’t enjoy this record, we might have some problems in the powers to be and I would love to have a one on one meeting with the great sir above. Aberrance – The one band that will always surprise me with the moves that they make and the records they create behind closed doors.

Listen to “Tenochtitlan: The Rise and Fall” below:

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