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Absolution Project is “Evolving”

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June 22, 2011

Absolution Project is the kind of band I always imagined myself in. A progressive rock band comprised of five Rochester, New York natives, Absolution Project is a labor of love. At times high-energy, at times mellow, they have a musical chemistry honed by years of playing local gigs and writing songs on their time off. Their passion and sincerity shines through in their musicianship and in the way that every album improves upon the one that came before it.

And so it is that their new album “Evolving” has rang in a new era for the band. Released independently on June 4th, “Evolving” is much like their previous albums in that there are some radio-friendly hooks, but it’s also got teeth and substance that you’d be hard-pressed to find in the mainstream. In particular, the second-to-last track “State of Mind” could easily be mistaken for a Tool song with it’s slowly building, atmospheric intro. Their instrumentals continue to improve, with drums that are both powerful and versatile, great bass hooks that are oh so rare in modern rock, guitars that convey a lot of grooves and rhythms without being flashy or self-conscious, and vocals that display more range and power than on previous releases.

If you’re looking for something brutal and raw you should look elsewhere, but if you wish to drift away on an ocean of aggressive melodies on a journey of self-actualization then look no further. All throughout the CD the melodies will pull you in with lyrics that oscillate between themes of betrayal, schadenfreude, and personal growth. This is music that makes you want to tell every person who has ever taken advantage of you to go and shove it. It’s empowering and relatable and my only real gripe with the new record is that with a scant 6 tracks, there isn’t more of it to go around. …Yet. Rock on gentlemen!

Official Links: Independent Website. Facebook Page

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