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July 22, 2011

Annex – [v. uh-neks, an-eks; n. an-eks, -iks] – verb – to attach, append, or add, especially to something larger or more important. The hip-hop scene has always been something that, in ways, seems larger than life. We live in a time where it’s “cool” to write rhymes about “bitches”, how some woman gave you “head” and how much money you make but what most don’t realize is that the real fans of hip-hop can see through all the fake bullshit and bluffs. Hip-Hop is far from dead, the underground, for the most part is keeping it alive and kicking with some mixtapes that are blasting the doors off of places. I’ve always said that the A&R reps and major labels can keep the money and fame, I’ll keep the artist I love close and dear to my heart because all I need is for those artist to be builders. A builder consist of expanding on what was already laid out for him/her, a builder is someone that will never back down, has heart and can write exactly how he they feel on paper. B-Nix from New Jersey is one of those people, he’s a builder and will always give it to you straight, honest and mean what he says. He recently dropped his debut mixtape on DatPiff and hes dropped several music videos over the last couple months. Prepare for manslaughter because “anNIXation” is something that deserves a murder trial.

The mixtape – the mixtape, at least to me, is a way an artist can showcase their talent over other people’s beats and “anNIXation” is just that. Beats that range from old to a few new hits, B-Nix makes sure that you don’t pay attention to the beats but you pay all of your attention to his words. He takes full control of every track that he’s on, whether it be a feat. or his own, B-Nix will never let you down with his flow or his vocabulary. “anNIXation” consists of seventeen tracks in which you’ll learn about his hatred towards certain family members, that he’ll never depend on a college education because he understands it’s going to take struggle and hard work to reach his goals and the simple fact that B-Nix is a real dude with real problems.

“anNIXation” might be a mixtape but in ways it feels more like a full-length record. Maybe it’s the fact that B-Nix really does pour his heart and soul into this record or maybe it’s the fact that no matter how many times I listen to it, I always walk away learning something new about myself or B-Nix. On the track “Great Dreams”, B-Nix talks doing everything for yourself, never giving up and just living life to the fullest without letting the small things tear you apart. It’s just truth and when someone speaks truth, I listen with open ears and an open heart. Also, don’t get it twisted, as positive B-Nix is, he can always tear you apart with words very quickly. On the tracks “Piece Of Mind” and “Start It Up”, B-Nix goes to work on certain people and gives you a very large amount of confidence but it only levels things out because you have to have some form of confidence to be in the hip-hop game, unless you decide to be walked all over in the end.

So, at the end of the day I’m very pleased and excited to know B-Nix and have the pleasure to talk to him as a real dude and as an artist. “anNIXation” might be overlooked by certain people that listen to hip-hop but trust me, do yourself a favor and dig deep into this mixtape because you won’t be disappointed. B-Nix – “anNIXation”; the one record that I can identify myself with the most when it comes to my own problems.

Listen to “Eastwick Chick” below:

Official Facebook. “La La La” Music Video. “Make In Make Believe” Music Video. “Notebook of The Mind” Music Video. Download the record here.

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