Beg For Life – Doomed

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June 12, 2011

Yuma, Arizona – The place where Hardcore act like Beg For Life dwell deep in the streets. A 4-piece Hardcore band that seems to love opening the pit up at shows and bringing as much damage as they can to where ever they go. I”m not sure if it’s just me but the more I look into it and pay attention to Arizona/California Hardcore, it seems like they are all just sticking together and pushing each other to bring new stuff to the table, the way Hardcore should be. Beg For Life is that one band that you wanna book for a show but you know if you do, the whole place might get destroyed because of how rage-filled their music is. People say, or used to say, that Terror, Lionheart and Hatebreed, atleast the old Hatebreed, used to have the most chaotic, energy filled shows/albums. Well, looks like the kings have stepped down from that throne and the new royalty is stepping up to destroy everything in the homeland.

In the last couple of days, I’ve reviewed two Hardcore records, “Black Market Status” from Out For Revenge and “Recognition” from Havenside. Both albums are glorious to give a listen, for sure, but “Doomed” from Beg For Life is beyond the scariest record I’ve heard yet from Westcoast Worldwide Records. The record opens up with a track called “Torment”, I could of sworn that the first couple tugs on the guitar/bass string, I was listening to an early Hatebreed record. I was quickly informed by my ears that this is, in fact, Beg For Life. Shredding into your heart with tracks like “Unholy Serpent”, “Waste of Life” and “Never There”, you get the vibe pretty much instantly that Beg For Life does not fuck around with the music they play and support. Barreling through the record in only 25 minutes but covering 10 tracks, “Doomed” can be that album you jam multiple times a day but never get tired of it. Also, the lyrics to this demon of a record are pure rage and disgust at it’s finest, with lyrics such as:

A corroded throne for the unholy serpent, preaching the words of deceit. The snake slithers amongst the crowd, spitting venom on the eyes of the masses. They’re blind to see the answers, they continue on and no questions asked.

From the track “Unholy Serpent”, you can tell these dudes are just fucking done with caring how you feel or what you think of them. Breakdowns are a pretty big part of this record too, honestly, it doesn’t bother me as it does in other released from Hardcore acts. It’s pretty much fuel to the fire and it give the record that extra push to make you wanna take random people hostage and rip them apart limb by limb. If I had to describe this honest as fuck, hell covered album, in just one word, I’m gonna go with triumphant. Why? Simply because a record of this magnitude makes me feel like I can take on the world with my own two hands. “Destroy”, the seventh track on the record, go listen to that and tell me you don’t feel fucking empowered to slaughter a whole kingdom with bare hands. If it doesn’t, come see me because I”ll rip your ass to shreds while the song plays over a loud speaker.

Ignore this release if you want but I highly, very highly don’t recommend you do that, for your own well-being. Beg For Life might wanna throw you to the ground and kick the shit out of you but in reality, these dudes wanna see you grow and take on anything you want in this world. Just think of Beg For Life as the father you never had, maybe even your second father, step-father even, he might tell you how shitty you are and how horrible you are at this thing we call life but when it comes down to it, he loves you with his whole heart, no “ifs”, “ands” or “buts” about it. Support Arizona Hardcore with an open heart and mind, support Beg For Life and never look back while you run forward because if you do, you will trip and fall on your face. Check out the links below for some more info on Beg For Life. Arizona Hardcore, forever.

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