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Chronicling the “Agony” of War

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September 4, 2011

Sometimes I sit and wonder if I have what it takes to survive Nuclear Armageddon. Would I be a scavenger, bleakly sifting through the detritus of an extinct society? Or would I only be counted among the billions of dead? The members of From Nowhere would surely be among the former group. This technical death/thrash metal band from València, Spain and fronted by Armando García gives me the feeling that they’ve prepared for the inevitable.

Their new album, entitled “Agony”, conjures images of one such Apocalypse. The first several songs serve as a soundtrack to humanity’s self-destruction. During songs such as “The Fallen One” and “Drugs Of War” I can just hear the escalating violence and desperation. The last half of the album evokes driving through the burnt out husks of cities which serve as grim reminders to the few who’ve survived that life is fragile.

And yet, though we have doomed ourselves, the Wasteland welcomes us. Throughout the length of the album, there is a feeling of triumph that makes me feel strong enough to eke out an existence in such a place. However, their technical ability when it comes to chronicling the horrors of the Wasteland is weakened somewhat slightly by the rather lack of experimentation within their song structures, which is one of my personal pet peeves.

Then again, there are always casualties of war, aren’t there? Either way, I am looking forward to the aftermath. There are untold sights lurking in the Wasteland, and I don’t want to miss a single thing.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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