Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire & Nesseria Split

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July 20, 2011

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be chased by melting hot lava in a forest where the only hope you have is to cling onto one of the branches? It’s the same feeling you might get by listening to the first side of this split. Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, also known as CTTTOAFF, have exactly what you need in the good spirit of death and chaos while you run helplessly through a dimension of horrible flames and burning earth. If you want some visual similarity as to what the CTTTOAFF side of the spit might do to you, just look at this.

CTTTOAFF bring this sort of hostage situation to this split where you feel as if your hands are tied behind your back and the blindfold you have over your eyes is nothing more than a gateway to a hazy atmosphere for you to rest in. “Wrinkled Claws”, the second track on the record gives you just that, it might start off calm and somewhat gentle but in the end, it’s all just a bloodbath of horror and misery among disgusting gutted souls. As much as I love the vocal, guitar and drum work on this site, I can’t help but think that the bass is something that God must of damned to hell centuries ago. It’s filled such negativity and hatred for everything that if the chords were actual people, we might have another huge cult following like we did in my area with Tony Alamo‘s case, except subtract the child sex offender from CTTTOAFF’s side of things. Lastly, the feedback on the last two tracks might have your ears leaking some creamy white liquid but no worries, that’s perfectly fine because mine did the same exact thing and the doctor said I was just orgasming through different orifices.

Listen to “Wrinkled Claws” below:

In the vein of never taking enough brain damage, getting your face beating with a wooden spiked baseball bat and your testicles being stomped on several times by a very sexy woman in high heels, Nesseria delivers all of that plus more on the second side of this split. Nesseria has been beheading sheep, raping the ears of the willing and bringing mass destruction for the last seven years so you know they have it down to a science for all you weak individuals that hate to be mind fucked with a form of armageddon from France.

It’s 6:30 A.M. on a Wednesday morning and I feel like I just ran a marathon filled with rotting organs being thrown at me while minions of Satan himself were chucking spears at me. If you survived the first half of this split, feel lucky and pray to whatever being you believe in above or below because the Nesseria side of this split is a no-holds barred, demonic therapy session that might just bring some holy spirit dance out that piece of shit soul you have. The picture above says it all, prepare for a slaughter and prepare for four tracks that will have you questioning why you even listen to that electro music when you could be slapping people across the face with Nesseria. “Freistadt”, the fifth track on this split, starts off with a very unwelcoming crash of speed and pleasant vibes of organized chaos. Even though Nesseria’s side of the split shows a more delicate, warm side, don’t be fooled because it embodies the words graceful and unreachable on more platforms than a gaming console. The four tracks on the second side of this split are somewhat similar to a rare disease, they might get a hold of you and in the end, you might rot with disgusting filth but you’ll be very happy with the final product in how amazing you look and the facial expressions you share with a real life zombie.

Listen to “Freistadt” below:

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