Dead Mountain Mouth – Loka

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June 8, 2011

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much when I got handed this album to review. I mean, solo project in the past have rubbed me the wrong way and I just wasn’t sure I wanted to listen to some dude try to play all the instruments just to fail. Not only did Lundi Galilao of Dead Mountain Mouth surpass all expectations I had for this record, he literally picked me up, slung me against the wall and shoved it down my throat. Even though Lundi Galilao is also apart of A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm, Dead Mountain Mouth is completely different from bands he’s working with now.  Let’s just say this, if you haven’t listened to this album or even been to any of his pages, I hope you learn really quick what Dead Mountain Mouth is before some form of spirit comes to slice you up. I’m just saying, this record is powerful as fuck, hands down, so don’t miss out.

A 10-track record that will make you feel like anything you’ve done musically or will ever/wanna do in the future is just worthless and a piece of shit. We start off with “Into the Solar Light”, a very Doom filled track that has baselines even I can’t comprehend. The baselines may not be very “talented” or “skillful” but the way they are used is beyond necessary for how heavy this track is. You also get a small hint of the Industrial feel in this one, which in my opinion, is a very nice touch.  “The Gate of Pain – Sheol” is another blistering slap  to your ugly face that this album provides. This track may not be the most surprising or heavy track on the record but it does have it’s moments, that’s for sure. Exactly at the 3 minute an 30 second mark, you’ll know exactly why I love this album, just upbeat and lets you feel the hunger for more. The track “Come Back and Complete” is another one that just can’t be overlooked. For some reason, when I listen to this track by itself and not with the whole album, I think of Gojira.

Maybe it’s the French influence of progressive metal or maybe it’s the fact that it has some pauses that sound just like Gojira.  Dead Mountain Mouth seems to never wanna overuse things, which is a good thing, but this record would of been flawless if it has a few more solos in it. “Come Back and Destroy” is the hidden gem on this record that most will just blow over because it has a more breakdown fill to it but trust me, give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.  “Oblivion” is the final track on this masterpiece and I can’t say I hate it or even dislike it because even though it doesn’t have any vocals and it’s the same drum pattern over and over, it’s sort of a good outro to an album like this. It’s sort of that song you would play after you smashed the fuck out of your friends at anything in life, sort of like a victory song if you will. I’ll be playing it the next time I have sex, will you?

Dead Mountain Mouth overall isn’t a breathe of fresh air but he is bringing you just good ol’ dirty as fuck Progressive Sludge and that’s all I ask for. As I said before, zero solo projects have caught my ear before but this one at least gave me hope that it can be done, maybe not with ease but it can be done. I’ve listened to this album over and over and over for the past 15 hours or so and I still can not get enough of it. I may say a ton of amazing things about bands/albums in the metal world but if you don’t pick this up, I can’t say I’ll ever be your friend, period. You literally have to be deaf if you don’t see talent in what this album brings to the table. So check out the links below and give a very warm welcome to the new holder of my heart, Dead Mountain Mouth.

Official Facebook. You can download it here.

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