Faces Of Bayon – Heart Of The Fire

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August 20, 2011

Between the depths of hatred and agony, there seems to be this level of emptiness and failness that many can’t really get a hold of while listening to a record. As I try to convert my emotions back to a realistic state, I begin to wonder what my place is on this earth and why am I doubting the good things that are presented to me. Have I lost sight of reaching the gloomy stars beyond the milky white clouds? Has my brain shut down so much that it’s numb to the fact it’s being eaten alive by maggots and insects? Whether it be a place of disconnect or a hole filled with hazy mirrors that present death in a whole new light, Faces of Bayon might be able to save you from the depth you dwell in. Created in what seems to be a morgue out in the middle of a marsh, “Heart of the Fire” can deliver you from everything you hate and everything you wish to sink your feet into.

From this moment forward, forget everything you’ve dreamt about for your future and drop your bag of sorrows at the door because “Heart of the Fire” isn’t the type of record that wants to deal with your childish fairytale of living in some huge castle with maids. Prepare for the hell that so many have talked about in the past and prepare for a war with hell hounds and death himself. Forgiveness is not an option with this records nor will it be handed out to the weak hearts that wish to beg for their lives. “Heart of the Fire” is an adventure, an adventure which only the pale light of the moon will guide your way through the dungeons of the northeast. While the destruction starts to reign down upon your ungrateful skull, the abnormally large holes, that seem to be causes by slamming and pounding of several instruments, are becoming wider and deeper. Prepare for war. Prepare for the birth of a new breed and prepare for your insides to collapse with every beating rhythm from this behemoth of a band.

What does it cost to be the best at what you do? Do you have to struggle and overcome some of the hardest of times? Should you have to fight gigantic beasts to show the people you can take on anything they throw at you? I have to say all of the above, simply for that fact that when you overcome trials and corrupted situations, the end result is something that nobody can take from you. Faces of Bayon, with as heavy as they are, a slight glimpse inside each members heart is displayed on this record. Whether it be the constant bearing of losing a past member to a horrible situation or learning who they really are as they grow older, Faces of Bayon have been transformed into something that is respected, loved and appreciated. “Heart of the Fire” – The one record that proves you can be one of the heaviest bands out right now and still show that you have a huge heart for what you record.

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