Fate of Uncertainty – Self-Titled

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September 7, 2011

As the ever evolving world sets on this apocalyptic plane, a soundtrack of music emerges harrowing back to the days of John Bergin’s Trust Obey and The Axis of Perdition. When I first heard this beautifully crafted 4 song masterpiece of atmospheric bleakness, it was hard to not be swallowed completely into that banished utopia. As my world began to set with the sun, my “Glimpse” had begun with a bleak murmur of thoughts of my past loves now far deceased. The touch of intermittent peace through the ultimate blackness being ripped back into the dystopian reality brought me back from the “Escape”. Around halfway through the madness, the white noise has begun to break through my consciousness and the impending doom of true imprisonment had enveloped me. Then, just as the discordant society marks its victory on breaking another life, begins the Orwellian “Warning” speaking as if this broadcast were towards the soldiers of death. At last, the “Result” of our fates is true uncertainty.

There are a very few albums that can ring towards ones’ psyche, and this speaks volumes with such grace and fervor. It would be your best interest to take the time to open your mind, and let it wander. Close your eyes, and welcome in the nightmares. They are much more comforting once you do not resist.

Album available for free download on the project’s bandcamp page.

[Retired] Your words speak from eons of ignorance, and I have wasted enough time with your hate. Pass me the hot sauce, your soul will taste oh so sweet...

  1. Joe

    September 14, 2011

    Thanks for the review, Black Moor. I appreciate your kind words and it was interesting to read your interpretation of the pieces.