Heavy Glow: Midnight Moan

Written on

October 31, 2011

First of all, I’d like to state in a nutshell, that this album is a masterpiece as far as rock n’ roll is concerned and it’s probally my personal favrotie release that I have heard this from this year. Heavy Glow‘s “Midnight Moan,” is the group’s third release and their first full-length; I am here to tell you that it’s fully listenable, which for me is a rare quality in albums now days. “Midnihgt Moan” has an aura about it that is reminiscent of the sound of groups like Allman Brothers Band, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin so much so that, I would say had this band and this album been around in the early nineteen-seventies, we would still be hearing these cats on the classic rock station in between Lynrd Skynrd and Soundgarden.

This album is deeply rooted in heavy driven psychedelic blues rock, yet at the same time, keeps a very modern take on the style. I think that it has qualities about it that would not only stand out, but leave the listener who is a fan of most any modern rock singing with blissfully joyous choruses and humming riffs that sound straight out of the nineteen-seventies. I would definitley say that this album is highly and extremly applicable to both the masses and the cult crowds. It surley has qualities that the stoner rock and sludge metal fans would appeal to, though it’s not really heavy or metallic. It’s unusually jammy for rock music this hard, catchy, and which doesn’t have such an extremly long song structure. That leads me to beleive that it would appeal to fans of music like Widespread Panic and Grateful Dead. Its sound is modern enough where it’s compared to Queens Of The Stoneage, though on that note, for some reason I hear a bit of a grunge influence. It’s got so much of a vintage sound that your grandparents who used to party in the sixties would love it and enough of a modern sound that both you and your kids will love it. It has a sound that is potentially magnetic to fans of multiple genres and if there was a chance of a modern rock band putting real rock n’ roll back on the map, or on the radio for that matter, I believe that it could very well lie in this album, group, and sound.

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