House show in Fayetteville AR; Well Well Well/Homewrecker 01-13-2011

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January 14, 2012

Well Well Well (a band local to the Fayetteville area), here I was at a friends at a friends house in Fayetteville Arkansas, primarily for the reason that was seeing a few friends and a band called Homewrecker whom I had seen once before at SWAD Shop in Alma Arkansas. As soon as I get there I was entranced into a alcoholic stupor of taking mental notes to somehow document this show, in which was induced by drinking an entire bottle of wine on the ride there, along with plenty of beer and whiskey that I had consumed at/during the show. Once we arrived and as we were walking in, I could hear a band tuning their instruments who were soon to be known to myself as Well Well Well. It seemed as if we had gotten there just in time, as it was that we had a few drinks, said hello to a few friends, and than the band I had heard tuning took the stage. The stage was a wooden living room floor that had all of its furnishings cleared out for (accept for the teli-vision set) specifically for the show and response of the audience.

Well Well Well seemed okay but nobody moved much to them. Though I thought they were great as they had a sound that resembled eighties hardcore punk, only tuned down and with a touch of post-punk. They plated a Bad Religion, one which they demanded a circled-pit for. As I had just drank a large gulp of whiskey prior to the circle pit, it was around this time that I regurgitated onto the porch. Only to re-nourish myself with my beer to jump straight into the pit. They closed the set with “Waiting Room” originally written by Fugazi. Suddenly the place blew up, mostly everyone was moving now! All except for myself and Jason (the singer of two bands local to Fayetteville known as Story Of The Eye and Anartichrist), as we were busy occupying the back-up mikes to join in on vocals.

A short while went by before Homewrecker took the floor/stage. This was a band much anticipated as they are featured on a label called A389 Recordings which features Ringworm, Weekend Nachos, Withdrawl, and Intregity. As they were setting up, I talked to them. I asked them if they remembered me from the show at SWAD. The singer did, we had a nice chat, I asked if they had 7″ vinyl for sale and he told me they were five dollars a piece. I asked if he would do two or eight dollars, which was a test of personality as I intended to pay the whole ten dollars. As soon as their instruments were tuned they had a domino-effect of sound upon the audience, they took no time for introduction. Just straight to the music, which is what it’s all about. Everybody started moshing, throwing fists, and skanking. This made it apparent that the power in their music had violence. This mark was made by the foot that smashed the TV. Between the broken TV, my vomit on the porch, the spilled beer everywhere, and the enormous sound of Homewrecker, it became obvious they had in fact not only wrecked a home, but turned it from a home into a mere house.

In short, I’ve seen Homewrecker twice, once sober the second time completely twisted. They are more than a band worthy of listening to and a band worth traveling to see as we did. As of January 21 2012, they’ll be touring with Eyehategod, Integrity, and Gehenna along side with a handful of their label mates. I’ll be making a more than worth-while effort to see this tour, as I hope many do.

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