Mental Disorder

Written on

July 31, 2014

Have you ever wondered how many dirty syringes you can fit in your mouth at once? I counted five, but the real results will come when the doctor gets back to me. Have you ever wondered what Grind and Death Metal would sound like if they were both delicately blended together, cut into shreds, and then cast at you like shurikens? Well that’s basically how Straight Hate‘s “Mental Disorder” EP sounds, only with x2 riffage that will send your skull bounding right through your keyboard or whatever happens to be within your headbanging reach.

There’s nothing fancy about this EP, there’s nothing new on this EP. If you came here for Dream Theater, town’s the way you came, stranger. This short and sharp debut from Poland’s Straight Hate is simply rabid headbanger after rabid headbanger, it does everything it can to hurt you before returning to its place on the floor, writhing madly in a pool of its own bodily fluids. It’s fucking disgusting, and you’ll love it. I forgot what a pinch harmonic sounded like, then these guys came along and gave me a face-full. That’s just what Straight Hate appear to do, they take all the best of Death Metal and Grind and Frankestein those fuckers together, as if they weren’t already kin in the first place.

If this EP is anything to go by, the future looks ugly for Straight Hate, in the best way possible. It’s Death Grind with a surprisingly attractive recording quality and with such fine production behind them, you are given the chance to hear all of which Straight Hate have to offer in a short time period. Give it a listen and you may find yourself repeating it over and over. As I said before, it’s not a revelation, but it’s a fine first offering, and it’ll either shit on you or make you want to shit yourself.

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