Morbid Angel – Illud Divinum Insanus

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June 14, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today to honor a band that will always be respected and loved in my heart for records such as “Alters of Madness”, “Blessed Are the Sick” and even “Covenant”, which is my favorite release from Morbid Angel. Selling millions of records throughout their career and being known as one of the pioneers in the death metal genre, Morbid Angel has officially gone to shit and will never come back from this grave. Along with everyone else, I was somewhat excited to finally get a new Morbid Angel release, since they didn’t release anything for 8 full years. I held off because I was seeing reviews with mixed emotions, some were saying it was a great comeback record while others were just bashing the hell out of this release.

In all honesty, the intro had me wondering what I was in for because the Morbid Angel I know doesn’t use horns, tribal chants or things of that nature. “Too Extreme!”, the second track on the album left me with all questions answered and it only got worse as the ride went on. One thing I’ve noticed over the years in music, metal in general, the older bands have lost touch with the fans and what their fans love, this record proves that. The only track that is somewhat decent is “I Am Morbid”, don’t get too excited, it’s still a worthless piece of shit. I would rather be covered in spiders (yes I have arachnophobia terribly bad), and thrown into a pit of webs before I listen to this record again. It’s not rough, it’s not shocking, it’s far from anything good, it just straight up blows massive dick. I’ll stick to the old Morbid Angel that actually cared about what they released.

Also, just because I love this band and what they did in the past, doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on them for releasing a shit-fest like this. “Beauty Meets Beast”, that title alone should tell you that they watched way too much Disney channel while recording this record. This whole record has this electro-pop feel to it, I’m sorry but I wanted a Morbid Angel album, not some horrible Rammstein cover band that loves triggers and upbeat tempos. Sarah warned me that this record was a disappointment and an unworthy listen before I even got my hands on it, oh how she was right on so many levels. Speaking of being a cover band, we should just call this the new Vader record, it’s that terrible and was just released for us all to laugh at.

When you look at the reviews on the Metal-Archives page for Morbid Angel, you’ll see reviews giving this album 90’s and 70’s, I have no idea if they were listening to this record or misplaced the review on a different page. I’m hearing uninspired, heartless talent, if you wanna call it that, filled with a “we don’t give a damn, just give us the money so we can go buy our Justin Bieber shirts” kind of attitude. If this is what you support in a record, let me know so I can come shove it down your throat before I beat the hell out of you with a baseball bat. Pointless, this whole album is pointless. I wasted nearly half of a night to this scumbag of a record that I won’t get back. On the bright side, I can spread how gross and sticky this record is so others don’t get too messy. Yeah, I took one for the team on this one guys.

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  1. Sarah Elgindy

    June 14, 2011

    Yeah. This goes beyond disappointing fan’s expectations of what they should sound like. I still can’t get over the horribly done electronic drum clapping…. not even KMFDM does that shit.

    • Nick Williams

      June 14, 2011

      It’s beyond horrible. Just imagine if it was a dish at some restaurant, probably taste like dog shit.

      • Sarah Elgindy

        June 14, 2011

        You’re giving it too much credit. I’m sure if done right, dog shit could be semi-pleasant. It’s all in knowing how to cook it, but I digress…

  2. SoggyBob

    June 15, 2011