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June 28, 2011

As the years go on and I become an older, somewhat wiser man, at least I think I’m getting to that point, I can’t hep but wonder what band will be next to “part the red sea”. In previous years it’s been bands such as Sleep, Bongripper, Sunn O))), Om and Wormrot. In the more recent months it’s been outfits such as Shroud Eater, Meth Drinker, Mühr and Verwüstung. These bands have impacted my life in ways that most really never will, honestly. So, should I still be looking for the next project to literally split me in half? Sure why not! The last spot I expected to look was Boston, MA, not because I dislike every professional sports team from Boston but because it’s never been a city that hit me with crushing doom/sludge etc.. Olde Growth is a two piece that lit me the hell up once I heard the opening track from their self-titled full-length, “Olde Growth”. Trust me when I say prepare for a war of war drums and classic groove because this these two dudes will not let you down for once second.

When I speak about “parting the red sea” as Mosses did, I speak of opening up my heart and hitting spots that nobody else can do musically. It’s a feeling that I get when the hair on my neck rise and I get chill bumps from head to toe. Few records have actually accomplished this but it seems like only certain record can in theory. The opening to this record is a track titled “The Grand Illusion”, not only does it bring that really aggressive and dirty sludge/stoner vibe but the chorus is untouchable. The way this record sounds, the volumes that it can hit and how intense it can be at times, it sounds like a four or five piece playing, not a two piece. The powerful riffs that Stephen LoVerme plays with his bass are similar to what it probably sounded like when the Titanic hit the iceberg. Just gritty, disgusting, deep tones and chords that would shatter your grandfathers ears if you put this record on for him. When I think of certain tracks on this record I can picture ships at sea, people enjoying the sun and just having life as perfect as possible. On the other hand, yes we always have the other hand, I can see dark, chaotic, uprisings of people feeling empowered and just taking what they desire in life. The lyrics to the track “Life In The Present” are something that will make you dream of marvelous surrounding and adventure that you would actually consider trying.

Down and out, dry and heaving. Loss of hope, anguish. Being in time, ford the crossing. Choose to live, break the cycle. Your own mortality will set you free! Scale the highest mountain. Sail across the sea. Ride the steeds of lighting. Swim beneath the clouds. Feast upon the succulent flesh of the Earth! Souls drift on cosmic waves. Light of a thousand candles. Burns through the eternal night!

Previously I said something about war drums, the patterns and authority Ryan Berry can lay out is honestly, in my opinion, the blueprint to how stoner/sludge is suppose to sound like from behind the kit. It’s in your face, full of just raw power but also has this bluesy feel to it at certain sections of the record. “Olde Growth” is just energetic, full of balls and a record that just makes you feel great about whatever is going on in your life at that time. It’s not a record that you wanna put on to feel depressed or apathetic, if you want that put on some Worship or Funeral Moth. Olde Growth are pushing buttons in all the right ways, that’s just a fact and it’s how I feel.

As I right this, the record is literally blasting through my subs that are connected to my laptop. I’ve had a massive headache since yesterday and even though it calmed down a bit last night, it’s back in full force today. That being said, that’s how much I dig this record, even with a throbbing headache it’s still slamming my face and brain all day long. In closing, all I can say is that if this debut full-length from two Boston guys can make me jump for joy for anything Boston, we might have hope for the future in me not having the Boston Bruins.

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