Out For Revenge – Black Market Status

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June 11, 2011

Coming straight out of the 480 in Mesa, Arizona is Out For Revenge. A 4-piece Hardcore act that is nothing short of ripping your fucking head off, in nice way. As I said in the Havenside review of their album “Recognition”, I am really not happy with the way hardcore is being sold today, on the other hand Westcoast Worldwide Records are seeming to prove me wrong; showing that Hardcore in the west side of America is being done well, very well actually. With Out for Revenge, these dudes have been at it since 2005, scratching and tearing their way into the Hardcore scene with very educational lyrics about not giving up, learning to fight for what you want, loving the ones around you while you still can and, of course, calling the scumbags out in this fucked up world. From what I can tell, these dudes just don’t stop, not even to breathe or see what’s next. Out For Revenge is that band that has the best work ethic and will do nothing but book shows, do interviews or anything they can do show that they wanna help build this Hardcore scene to it’s highest peak.

“Black Market Status”, an 11 track, 23 minute album that is filled with guest spots from Roger Miret of Agnostic Front, Mikey Hood of Hoods, Danny Northside of North Side Kings, and Eddie Dan of Beg For Life. This is an album that is very hard to put down after your first listen, and this is coming from a dude that mainly digs Sludge/Doom stuff. Some tracks rip heavy for a short 56 seconds, while others are in the 3 minute and 22 second mark, such as the song “Machine”. Nothing can compare to the pure heaviness and emotion I felt while listening to this album, it’s just that good ol’ angry we-won’t-take-shit-from-anyone Hardcore. If Have Heart, Carry On and 100 Demons had a baby, Out For Revenge is that wicked piece of shit that will just never give up. The track “Right Wrong” is the perfect example of what I mean, gang vocals/chants that will have you wanting to sing along at the live show or in the car with friends, it’s only the  second track on the album but it gets you pumped as hell for a journey with a great release. “High and Dry/Shakedown” and “Blown Away” have to be my favorite two tracks on the album, simply for the fact that those two tracks will give you no-holds-bar, kiss my ass Hardcore that we all love and are reminded of from the 90’s, except on steroids.

“Gladiator Academy” is another short track but with blasting riffs and non-stop drums from Dan, I have a feeling that it’s one of those songs that the crowds at shows seem to love when they play it. I can’t seem to say this enough about “Black Market Status”, it’s just a great, fun album that doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet on the other hand, it’s a very serious album because of the lyrics. Again, with the track “High and Dry/Shakedown”, the breakdown at the 1 minute an 35 second mark, holy fucking hell, can you not make me wanna move to Arizona so I can smash some kids in the face, please? That’s another great thing about this record, although it’s Hardcore, it doesn’t follow the typical Hardcore style of the new age. It has a very little amount of breakdowns but a ton of just groovy riffs that you’ll be digging for quite some time, at least until the next EP/full-length is released. Lastly, if you dig just an upbeat, feel good, positive album, check out “Black Market Status”. Even though the lyrics can be about taking revenge, it’s that good kind of revenge that the whole family loves.

Look, some of you guys and gals may not dig new age Hardcore but let me say this, the movement is going in a good direction, at least from what I’m seeing in the west coast these days. Out for Revenge and this album, “Black Market Status”, are here to stay, I hope. I mean, any bands that gets me stoked about the future of Hardcore like these dudes, Havenside, Hoods, Beg For Life or Give Em Hell, I feel as if the world of Hardcore is about to get turned on it’s head then kicked multiple times until nothing is left. Arizona Hardcore is kicking at the womb of it’s mother and if that bitch doesn’t push quick, Out For Revenge just might pop out doing a little jig all over someones face. As always, check out the links below for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Out For Revenge. Support chill as hell dudes, buy up this album and believe in the new age of Hardcore music.

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