Realizations Of A Deadbeat

Written on

August 21, 2011

The intricacies and mysteries of the internal world is something that music never fails to express accurately. Why is is that we often find it so hard to describe music, resorting to tediously detailing how the instruments are played? The answer lies within emotions and how we instinctively express them via body language which, more often than not, gives weight to any verbal expression we choose to use at the time. Desiderii Marginis‘ “Deadbeat” is one of those albums that lets your mind drift into the very core of your being. After an experience like that, you realize two things: one, you don’t really know yourself as well as you thought you did and, two, certain revelations make it hard to revert to how we once were.

People hide. We hide from each other, but we hide the most from ourselves. The majority of people can’t simply bounce back and forget the truth that was uncovered. When denied, we pay the price mentally and physically in the most minute aggravating ways. Those still in hiding describe this eventuality as the slow descent into insanity. If we are fortunate enough to be a benefit to society in some way, then we are given the ever convenient label, “eccentric.” Either way, the truth has changed us and our world will never be the same.

As such, this is not so much a review as it is a warning. Don’t listen to any of Desiderii Maginis’ work unless you are prepared to have all your mental blockades lovingly melted away without being aware of it happening. The shift is as seamless as it is potentially lethal to the personality that we have cultivated so carefully to represent our inner selves to the outside world.

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