Silent Waits The Archer – Things We See In Dreams

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June 29, 2011

In a city such as Fort Smith, AR, where it’s a melting pot for all things typical and a never ending cycle of the same old things, I’m always looking for that next breath of fresh air. With a music scene that has fluctuated over the years, I’ve seen projects come and go but only a few have a concrete spot in the sidewalks of this city. One of those bands is Love Begotten, which I reviewed last month, the other is a band that hasn’t been around as long but are truly humble, excited and love creating music that will warm your cold hearts and souls. Silent Waits The Archer is a four piece indie/experimental outfit that have been very patient with how things have worked out but also ready to explore unknown territories in life and music.

Trapped in a maze of downhill emotion with zero hope of ever getting out or seeing a shade of light again, you can’t do anything but fall on your knees and pray to the God you believe in. As echoes of very melodic guitar riff whisper in the forest behind you, nothing but hope fills your heart and you scream out in joy that someone or something is on it’s way to save your miserable soul. What you hear is “Things We See In Dreams”, the debut full-length from Silent Waits The Archer and trust me, it will give you all the hope you need to take over the world. With a record that is filled with lyrics about losing everything, being scared and just plain ol’ heartbreak, Silent Waits The Archer somehow makes it feel like everything will be okay. From the beautiful opening that “Attack Ships On Fire” provides you, all the way to the ending where the band chants the chorus in a section that will do nothing but make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. “Things We See In Dreams” gives you that type of feeling you would get from a warm blanket that just came out of the dryer, also it’s the same feeling that you would get after your first love gave you a massive hug.

The lead riffs on this record are something to be praised, no doubt about that in my mind. The way Dakota and Lance just let everything flow is really somewhat of a mystery but it’s a beautiful one, that’s for sure. Alex, the bassist and Nick, the drummer, are both bringing massive amounts of heat on this record also. The bass lines and drum patterns are really soothing, the same ones I want to hear while laying under the stars on a cool spring night. “Things We See In Dreams” – The one record that you’ll find helping you through all the tough times but you’ll also find yourself blasting in the car while you spend time with the one you love. In a world were everything is going to hell, a world filled with destruction, fear, greed, false hope, lies, selfishness and wars over childish things, we can only find salvation in very little and music seems to be a large portion of that. Silent Waits The Archer seem to get it, they seem to understand that music is an outlet to give others hope, confidence and just freedom from the outside world.

I’ll say this, I’ve been searching high and low for anything that somewhat sounds like the perfect record and I haven’t found it yet nor will I, probably. “Things We See In Dreams” is giving me hope on finding that perfect record because it’s the closest things I’ve found thus far. Also, if there was a blueprint for what indie/experimental music should sound like, you should look at two bands; Minus The Bear and Silent Waits The Archer.

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