The Oppressor – Failure

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June 13, 2011

A world that is split into a shit load of different factions, something along the lines if the world was at war with itself, the genre deathcore is probably the one that the majority of the human race hates yet secretly loves. Many say that deathcore is a trend, if that’s the case it’s a trend that is going heavy, quick and spreading like a disease swarmed to infect all of us. In my opinion, I would love to see it die down, not off, maybe drowned it in gasoline then push it over a bridge railing so we can watch it fall a couple hundred feet. Th Oppressor, residing in Indiana, seem to be on the same boat as all the other horrible, chugga-chugga bands, only difference is that these dudes are the black sheep in the bunch.

Riding high on the waves of a brand new EP, “Failure”, is a release that I was happy to get my palms on, simply for the fact that the music they have up on facebook was decent enough for my interest to peak somewhat high. The Oppressor dig deep in the deathcore genre but with a somewhat huge splash of a progressive touch. The leads on this EP are pretty catchy, “With Reason”, starts off with a riff that reminds me of some Rose Funeral or Carnifex stuff, only with more push. Vocals ranging from highs, in the likes of Mitch from Suicide Silence to the lows of many bands on the board these days. “Predictions” is probably the track that impressed the most, any track that starts off with lyrics like these:

You’re all the fucking same. A cesspool of inbreds just waiting for death to take place. Begging for mercy from your pedestal. You wrapped your tongue around your face.

It’s gonna be a good 3 minutes worth of eargasm talent. “Predictions”, as weird as it might be, gives me a huge Bury Your Dead influence, probably because deep down inside I love that band or it could be that the track is just raw and gritty with only one or two breakdowns. As much as I hate the word “brutal”, this record is something of a massive slaughter in the genre of deathcore. “Thrown Over” is the last track but with it’s drum patterns and tempo changes, that are somewhat dumbed down, its the perfect kind of track Stella needs to get her groove back.

“Failure”, as a whole, isn’t a bad EP at all. I know it’s another deathcore release but with the progressive elements this band has, I’m willing to bet that they will just grow into a beast of an act in Indiana. Give the EP a shot, what’s the worst that could happen? True, you may lose 19 minutes of your life but that isn’t the case here, at least in my opinion it’s not. It’s all in the eye of the beholder and the beholder is willing to bet that you’ll love this release. The Oppressor is a great band that doesn’t take shit as serious as most bands, unless you unplug shit on them half way through a killer set. Check these dudes out, buy the EP and go see them on tour this summer.

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