V/A: Audio Terrorism “The Soundtrack For Weirdness And Blind Hostility”

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October 15, 2011

Alright, here we have the latest release from Grindcore Karaoke, entitled “Audio Terrorism: The Soundtrack For Weirdness And Blind Hostility”, a perfect title considering the poetic value it has for the track titles and variation of the eccentric artists that appear on the compilation. I’m not going to say that this is a great compilation so to speak, but considering there are ninety-nine songs none of which being one minute long, some of them, most likely a good number of them, are not going to be great. On this various artists release, there is a wide variation of genres, though all in a similar style; we hear genres such as: crust, power-violence, noise-core, electronic harsh-noise, and grindcore. We have offerings from stand-out artists such as Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Benumb, Hellnation, Merzbow, Spazz, Dahmer, Bastard Noise, Behind Enemy Lines, and Cattle Decapitation. Along with those artists who posses a bit of a reputation in the underground, there are way more artists on here, some quite talented and some that are not so well-known or talented. I assume they put so many unknown bands on here in order to get them some attention and, on top of that, they enjoyed their music, of course.

Though this is the latest release from Grindcore Karaoke, it is by no means a new release. It was originally released on disc and was limited to 500 copies though most of them were given to the participating artists and close friends. It was assembled and produced by J. Randall, Scott Hull, and John Kortland. Between the personnel who put this project together, the musicians that are on it, its listen-ability for fans of such music and the artists involved, all on top of the fact that it’s a free download, all these factors form to make a damn good recommendation to listen to. There’s not much else to say about this, with the above mentioned it’s pretty self-explanatory, and what has been left unsaid about this compilation can be told by listening. Here’s the link to the site and the download at Grindcore Karaoke. Please download it, check out the site, and enjoy some free music.

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