Wormrot – Dirge

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June 20, 2011

Deep within the jungles of Singapore dwells a beast that no human dares to question or fight. Wormrot has been slaughtering the grindcore scene since 2007 when they released the “Dead” EP, going on later to release the first full-length “Abuse” in 2009. In 2011, they bless us with a short but very accurate record full-length, “Dirge”. Some have complained that this record is far too short to be considered a full-length, what do you guys expect from a band that is doing everything correctly when it comes to playing grindcore? Wormrot is one of the few bands that never seem to let me down, they stay true to the roots of what they play and understand that the records they release make very large statements, “Dirge” is no different.

Wormrot makes it very well known that they don’t give a shit what you think of the music they play or what you support in the music scene. Opening the record up with a track titled “No One Gives A Shit”, it’s similar to that tour of Hell right before you get your final seat and get to watch the show. “Dirge” is the one album that I was sort of ready to hear but I didn’t want it to disappoint me in the end. When Wormrot released “Abuse” a couple years back, it was a great record that I still spin to this day but the riffs went in a different direction than I was hoping.

“Dirge” completely filled me up with intense, non-stop, no filter or bullshit. Covering 25 tracks in only 18 minutes, Wormrot is still on track to becoming one of the greatest grind outfits I’ve ever listened to. Fit, the drummer, is the busiest on the record but only because the songs are just a full on typhoon of double-pedals, blast beats and chaos. The drumming is what makes this record, in my opinion but Rasyid is very close to taking over the throne with the riffs he put on this record. Most of the riffs are in the grind field but you can tell he listens to everything from Death, early Morbid Angel to Blood for Blood, Fucked Up and even a small bit of Municipal Waste and Witchery.

The elements of hardcore punk and thrash are essential to grind, mainly for the fact that it was spawned off those two genres. “A Dead Issue” is a track that gives you more of that death metal feel with it’s open palm riffs but also gives you that grind/hardcore punk feel near the end. On the other hand, the last track “The Final Insult”, is nothing but a thrash heavy, balls to the wall onslaught, it’s also the only instrumental track on the record. The vocal work is phenomenal, the work that Arif does on the record is brilliant in so many ways. If you dig the vocals by Rahi from Insect Warfare, you’ll dig what this album has to offer vocal wise. “Dirge” also has another element that most seem to miss or not understand, the fact that it’s a real grindcore release.

When I want grindcore, I don’t want a record that lasts nearly 30 or 40 minutes, that just doesn’t cut it. I never want 2 minute songs on a grindcore release, ever. Wormrot has perfected the way a grindcore release should be with “Dirge”, not just perfected it but made a statement that other grind bands need to study and learn. With this record having 25 tracks and each one being no longer than a minute, it’s sort of hard to pinpoint which track is which but Wormrot does a very nice job at transitioning the flow of  the record. It’s not all mashed together, it’s timed correctly so you know when one track is over and the next is starting. Wormrot – Singapore’s unsung heroes that have been in my top 5 bands of all-time since the release of “Dead” back in 2007.

The government can take my freedom, they can take my house and they can take my dreams and hopes but if they take Wormrot from me, death shall be brought to the doorstep of God himself. Since I’ve had this record, it’s been played well over two hundred and that number will keep rising because I simply love me some Wormrot on any day with a side of guts and brains.

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