Nin Hur Sag By Erragal

September 17, 2011

There are moments of beauty on the new “Nin Hur Sag” EP by .  I often question whether I am capable of recognizing beauty or even if such a thing exists.  Are there moments, objects or thoughts that go beyond

Aras – Gharive Dard

August 14, 2011

The separation between countries and different cultures couldn’t be more diverse and struggling as much as it does in today’s generation. True, we might welcome people of different races, backgrounds and that speak different languages but we as Americans, mainly

BlackHolePit – Portals

August 6, 2011

You’re stranded on a decrepit planet in the cold reaches of space. The sky is black above you, the stars have been extinguished, you’re guided by a cold unfeeling light cast down from a blood red moon. Ruins of an

October Falls – A Collapse of Faith

July 8, 2011

On a mid-summer night in July, the heat literally blisters through my house as if the air conditioning, that was set on 70 degrees, is merely non-existent. The waves of heat punch my face over and over until it’s to the

El Bandit Both Ways

June 12, 2011

Nick’s Word on “Llaphis”: In a perfect world, thunder would strike the ground, only to birth blossoms of bright mysterious colors, rain would pour for hours upon hours on a daily basis and El Bandit Moor would play the song

Introspective Thamud

April 25, 2011

Music can be as much an outlet for self-expression as it can be a tool to communicate with others. There is a pervasive theme with black metal bands, no matter the country, that accomplishes neither of the aforementioned goals. Most