Simon Tuozzoli: The Purist

February 11, 2016

Sometimes, it’s best to simply take a more casual and on the go approach to things. A previous writer for Blood or Love conducted with Simon a few years ago which I feel is mostly formal, thus, more concise in

Nate Hall: A Study In Harmony

February 10, 2015

Well, has been someone that I have followed off and on for the past three or four years. The main reason is because I fell in love with US Christmas’, now , sound long before I became active in the

A Salute To Doom

July 26, 2014

Death meets doom in a draft against your will, launches tumults of tone like artillery shells through a skunky-thick fog of war. Their recent and first “full length” album, entitled, “Abandon all Dope” opens with . Upon first listen, I

The Iron Men Just Keep Getting Better and Better

July 10, 2014

I feel that as a band, Iron Man has gained a megaton of momentum since their first release up to this new album, considering all their lineup changes. “South of Earth” has a climactic crush that ought to be opening

Spiritual Void – “I”

July 9, 2014

2012 was the year started their journey in the Rio de Janiero music scene. Breaking out of the folk music that Rio is known for, Spiritual Void decided to play metal, thus leading to the release of their debut full-length

Czech Out These Guys!

July 8, 2014

In a time when our genres spiral so out of control that it is easy to wind up surrounded by communicative wreckage when attempting to describe a band to someone, I am relieved when I am introduced to something like

Hussain Shargi: Embracing Solitude

February 12, 2014

During a long hiatus, a friend came to me with an album and a request. That I just listen and give him a review of it. So I did, but instead of writing out a formal review for the site,

Mourning Lenore – Loosely Bounded Infinities

March 28, 2012

The Portuguese melodic-death/doom metal band, , released their first debut album in 2010 under the name “Loosely Bounded Infinities.” As much as the name of this release is obscure, it’s just as genuine and extremely atmospheric. The spirit of melancholy

Interviewing Eulen

January 25, 2012

Eulen is one of the most successful post-black/doom bands in the middle-east and Syria. I was honored that they agreed to elaborate on some of their views and journeys along the way in producing music and supporting their fellow metal-head