One Unique Signal: One Unique EP

September 28, 2011

… A band who phonically speaking, are truly and always one unique signal conducted from the minds of seven people, one of them on drums, another on ‘drone’, two of them on bass, and three of them sharing the roles of

A Necessary Roadtrip

September 26, 2011

“Old “P”” by is something that should be playing over the speakers of a Greyhound bus as it lumbers past state and city borders, everything blurring together into a monotonous strip of scenery that never stays still. Something to drown

Sly Roosevelt: A Regional Musical Revolution

September 23, 2011

So me and this really cool experimental indie band from West Virginia, , got together on Facebook for a nice long chat. They’re a unique sound from what people would expect to come out of that state and I really

Silent Waits The Archer – Things We See In Dreams

June 29, 2011

In a city such as Fort Smith, AR, where it’s a melting pot for all things typical and a never ending cycle of the same old things, I’m always looking for that next breath of fresh air. With a music