Lindsey Turnbullet: The Multi-Tasking Goddess

March 25, 2015

Lindsey is a pretty cool, albeit busy, woman that I met by chance years ago. She wasn’t involved in as many projects as she is now, but the ones I have always known her for were and . She also

Bobby Bergeron: Keeping NOLA Alive

March 10, 2015

Bobby is humble with a good enough sense of humor that you feel comfortable talking to him almost instantly. That was my first impression of him and it has proved to be true as time went on. We met when

Liam Doyle: That Weird Irish Guy

February 9, 2015

So, and I really haven’t talked much when either one of us were sober. In fact, most of those sober discussions revolved around article submissions. It’s just one of those things where we would talk about shit that made sense

Farewell, Nick!

August 18, 2011

Unfortunately, has officially left The Blood or Love staff. It was great having Nick for as long as we did which has given him the necessary confidence in his writing to pursue another magazine more suited to his needs. He

Marty Rytkonen: The Drive to Forge On

August 17, 2011

Some people are destined to be involved in the music one way or another. Our passion is just that great for it. Marty Rytkonen has been into writing about music and promoting it for a very very long time. Starting

Lord Randall: A Voice To Be Heard

August 12, 2011

Last weekend, I finally managed to pull Lord Randall over from his very busy work schedule for a very interesting interview. Really, there isn’t much I can say about him that wasn’t revealed in the interview since I had the

Keith Spillett: The Enigma

July 26, 2011

I was pretty excited to do this interview. Keith is one of my personal inspirations as a writer and one of my more dedicated supporters. He is the founder of where he writes about a wide-array of topics, but cross-posts

Interview w/ Matt Longo of Mind Over Metal

July 22, 2011

The picture you see above is a very young Matt Longo. From a young age he had hopes, dreams and inspirations to do marvelous things with the life he was blessed with. It turns out that things have worked out

Robert Aloi: The Search For Home

July 18, 2011

Robert Aloi, aka , is a part-time writer for the site and a very recent addition at that. Him being a New Yorker, I have had the pleasure of attending the with him where we were able to inspire each