Help The Last Hangmen fund their next album, and get cool shit!

August 20, 2012

The Last Hangmen have announced their next CD, “Executing Empires”, and they want you to help get it out there! Also, when you donate to the campaign, you’ll get some awesome, unique rewards as well. Donate here until October 1st:

The Last Hangmen, “Servants Of Justice” Review

January 9, 2012

“Not to be taken for granted, The Last Hangmen has taken this several steps further. In their debut album, “Servants Of Justice”, the band stands in as judge, jury, and executioner. In fact, the entire album seethes with a malicious intent which blasts through your speakers to grab you by the neck and mete out unholy punishment.”

Christmas and New Year’s Recommendations

December 26, 2011

The holiday season is upon us and people are either relaxing or goofing off. Basically, a time to shrug off the mantle of responsibility that we carry all year round. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanzaa, or New Year’s that you

A Biorhythmic Review of Oath By Lacrimacorpus Dissolvens

August 27, 2011

The goal of this review is to capture the biological rhythms that live within the song “Circle of Oblivion”, the most impressive song on the recent release “Oath” by the impeccable Mexican metal band .  In order to properly accomplish

Interview: Caretaker

August 12, 2011

In the year 2011, it’s pretty rare to hear of a band that’s been pushing heavy and doing anything they can do make it while still playing music. Caretaker has been doing this music thing since 1998 and with no

Assyrian: Thriving On Innovation

July 28, 2011

A recent find that is unlike most of the music coming out of the metal scene in Mexico, has a very distinctive sound. It was a pleasure conducting an interview with these guys and learning more about the state of

Assyrian – Self-Portrait

June 28, 2011

Over the last couple of months, if not years, I’ve been wondering where all of the talented Mexican metal bands are. We’re heard a couple over the years in such outfits as  and  but nothing that really stuck to me

Ocoai – The Electric Hand

June 24, 2011

Being stuck in a forest for weeks upon weeks with no worldly food, no tap water from a dirty river and no real shelter. Eating plants and insects, drinking the creek water so I don’t get dehydrated and sleeping underneath

Absolution Project is “Evolving”

June 22, 2011

Absolution Project is the kind of band I always imagined myself in. A progressive rock band comprised of five Rochester, New York natives, Absolution Project is a labor of love. At times high-energy, at times mellow, they have a musical