Christi Rat: Metamorphosis From Hate

April 10, 2015

Christi is an interesting woman that I met during my brief time working with where she was also a DJ. Things have changed and now she manages it, along with Vania and several others, more than just playing shows for

An Interview With Ian Haas

March 28, 2015

Ian has been the go-to person for promotion in Michigan for me for some time especially during my Domestic Genocide days. Since then, he has gotten so entrenched in the local and international music world that it made for good

Bobby Bergeron: Keeping NOLA Alive

March 10, 2015

Bobby is humble with a good enough sense of humor that you feel comfortable talking to him almost instantly. That was my first impression of him and it has proved to be true as time went on. We met when

Interview With The Black Lanterns

September 25, 2011

are an energetic band that fuse punk rock, heavy metal and a liberal dose of unbridled rage into a highly potent amalgam of furious commotion.  Their self-produced debut EP has all the hallmarks of a band that is coming into

August 30th – September 19th Recommendations

September 19, 2011

I have some treats for you today from multiple genres and countries. Yeah, I’m all over the place this time and I’m also.. um.. two weeks late with this post? Damn, sorry about that. Life’s been kinda hectic, but I’ll

Asura – Baby Detox

August 11, 2011

As I pack my things for an upcoming trip to visit the world in just under seventeen minutes, I begin to wonder and think that something isn’t right. The air shouldn’t be this cold, the sirens that I begin to

Bones – Bones

July 9, 2011

Growing up around metal as a child with my parents listening to , , and , it was a no-brainer that I was going to be into metal and all the forms of it.  As I got older and somewhat wiser, in

High Gravity Entertainment

July 7, 2011

As someone that is unacquainted with local bands from NJ, learning about was exactly what I needed. The venue where they book their shows at is called which has been around since the 1980′s. Jonny Ferry of, now dead, had