Coldnight: One Woman’s Vision

September 20, 2011

It’s rare for me to find female extreme black metal musicians, much less have the chance to interview one. It’s been really interesting getting to know the mind behind . Her determination and tenacity to produce music as she sees

V Přítmí – Prázdnota

August 22, 2011

I press the ‘play’ the button and immediately a hypnotic Silent Hill-esque dissonant drone starts to kick in through the I-pod phones. Burrowing its shrill, writhing radio frequency signal deep, deep down within the corroded recesses of my core, what was supposed

Suicidal Madness – Les Tourments de l’Âme

August 5, 2011

Depression, suicidal throughts, drinking yourself to sleep or downing any form of pill so that you can kill off any pain you feel from this greedy, self-centered world that we live in today. I’ve never been the one to threaten