Mudamer: An Intriguing Study

April 27, 2011

Mudamer of and has agreed for me to publish this interview so here it is.  It started with a discussion of how he got into metal.  He comes from a family of musicians and he was introduced via family to

Introspective Thamud

April 25, 2011

Music can be as much an outlet for self-expression as it can be a tool to communicate with others. There is a pervasive theme with black metal bands, no matter the country, that accomplishes neither of the aforementioned goals. Most

The Enigmatic Al-Namrood

April 25, 2011

In the deserts of Saudi Arabia, where ignorance reigns and religious doctrine is literally law, media is one of the things that was off the radar. It is quite a fortunate thing in some ways that the officials there are