Black Breath Announces Month Long European Tour

July 2, 2011

The Seattle-based, thrash crossover kings, Black Breath have announced that they will be heading overseas this month for a tour of Europe. You can check out the full list of dates, cities and venues below.

Leeroy: A Musician’s Passion

June 27, 2011

Some people blaze through life with a passion and vivacity that touches everyone that they meet. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Leeroy from who exudes this quality even through text. I can’t thank him enough

Drowning With Wiht

June 16, 2011

My mind has been in a comfortable haze all morning transversing the possible future ahead of me. It all seems rather optimistic and uplifting especially with the right music to put me in that special place. does that with an

Undersmile – A Sea of Dead Snakes

June 10, 2011

When most people think of United Kingdom doom bands, they probably think of, , or even . Undersmile shouldn’t be in the conversations of classic UK doom bands yet, but with the debut EP soaring into peoples hands, it won’t

Love Your Chainsaw

May 2, 2011

Before the all girl grunge acts and riot grrrl, there was one particularly memorable band from London that was known for their misanthropic female vocalist and raw music. was composed of Katie Jane Garside, guitarist Crispin Gray (real name John

Enos’ Journey

April 25, 2011

, hailing from the UK, is one of the more fun discoveries that I made last year while running a stoner music page on Facebook. Their sound is a mix of space rock and stoner metal which is an almost