Founder and Editor. Conquering one genre at a time while blurring the lines. Words are my art and the world my canvas.

A nocturnal psycho-genocide would be the ultimate solution, nothing better than a massacre in the blackest of nights. Always trust nocturnal authors, they'll always give you the darkest words!

ThePitGoddess writes from The Scrapyard Magazine and resides in MD. She works on being nice every day. [Part-time writer]

Keith was one of the original singers for The Temptations. In high school, he accidentally invented penicillin. He collects possums. If you see him on the street, don't try to apprehend him. [Part-time writer]



[Retired] "...a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma..." Freethinker and music lover, at your service!

[Retired] Your words speak from eons of ignorance, and I have wasted enough time with your hate. Pass me the hot sauce, your soul will taste oh so sweet...

[Retired] Music is my life. My name is Bella, and it is lovely to meet you. You can visit my blog, Music Equals Love for more posts by me.

[Retired] When not listening to Frank Zappa and Captain Beyond, Max Splice combines with his younger brother Danny to form rock collective Lion Splicer. They hang out on Facebook here. In his free time, Max also programs film festivals for a repertory theater in Chicago.

[Retired] You cannot make Benjamin angry. An android of mysterious origin, he is impervious to such human weakness. After extensive study, experts have observed that for all knowledge he collects, Benjamin grows more hair. It is theorized that if his hair were cut, his knowledge would be lost.

[Retired] Kaleb Daleszak's like every other music listener on the internet, except he watches YouTube videos of people riding elevators. That means you can always trust his opinions.

[Retired] Never mind this body, it's only breathing. A Dax Riggs and overall music enthusiast, art becomes the written word.

[Retired] A cool kid with no talent but tons of heart! A passion for grindcore and writing in general pushes me onward to reach new heights within music journalism.

[Retired] "Optimist" Kill off mankind, And give the Earth a chance! Nature might find In her inheritance The seedlings of a race Less infinitely base. By Aleister Crowley

[Retired] Born in the Celtic Sea, on the table of a tea party in 1843, son of Sir Frankel Pikestaff the II, and Marian Hornette the French prostitute to England's prestigious royal family, The Pikestaffs.

[Retired] Now comes with new and improved whole grains!!!

[Retired] Hi, I love listening to metal, especially death and black metal from the 90's. Though I am no virtuoso, I play guitar, bass, and cello. My deepest passion is going to shows and sharing my experience.

[Retired] Schizophrenia beats dining alone.