God Made Me Like Câimbra’s New Album

February 26, 2012

If you listen to ’s 5 track EP “E Tudo Uma Mentira”, you are probably not going to be that into it. It’s not one of those records you throw on and immediately love or at least, I didn’t. The

Interview With A Mad Artist

December 5, 2011

Last week, I got a chance to catch up with one of my favorite artists, Michelle E. Fusco (aka Libertina Grimm). She has a unique talent for creating enchanting visions of enigmatic musicians. Her subjects in the past have included

Dissecting CARCASS’ “Heartwork” – Fourth Incision…Heartwork

October 23, 2011

This is the fourth in a  of articles analyzing the lyrics from the 1993  album “Heartwork”. Heartwork Works of art, painted black Magniloquent, bleeding dark Monotonous palate, murky spectrum, grimly unlimited Food for thought, so prolific In contrasting shades, forcedly fed Abstraction,