Coldnight: One Woman’s Vision

September 20, 2011

It’s rare for me to find female extreme black metal musicians, much less have the chance to interview one. It’s been really interesting getting to know the mind behind . Her determination and tenacity to produce music as she sees

Foad Manshady: Activism With A Beat

September 8, 2011

This interview is a little complex to introduce since the subject was originally picked up by Nick, a writer that left the site while in the middle of conducting this interview via email. As such, the questions that Nick did

Busac: Benevolence In Bahrain

September 6, 2011

I kinda lucked out with this one. A friend happened to get me into personal contact with Busac of for an interview via email. As people know, I’m very fond of conversational interviews any way I can get it other

Andrew Kay: The Evolution To Digital

September 3, 2011

Since the advent of the digital age, many things have changed and evolved into some interesting new creatures. It’s not that much of a surprise that music would be affected by this and I don’t mean in the sense of

Chad Davis: An Instrument’s Vessel

September 1, 2011

With making amazing headway in the doom world, Chad Davis decided to strike out and conduct some interviews. Truth be told, I’ve been looking to get a hold of him for some time now so I jumped at the chance

Khaled Sallam: Spiritual Bass

August 18, 2011

Few bass players seem to have the ambition to form a band centered around their sound nevermind seeking to redefine their music into something deeply introspective. I stumbled across Khaled Sallam of via featured on since he’s based in Cairo,

Marty Rytkonen: The Drive to Forge On

August 17, 2011

Some people are destined to be involved in the music one way or another. Our passion is just that great for it. Marty Rytkonen has been into writing about music and promoting it for a very very long time. Starting

Esra’a Al Shafei: The Quest For World Domination

August 14, 2011

Most of the world’s perception of places off the internet radar is a little skewed. We’re torn between what we see in mainstream, and most independent, media outlets and what little experience we have had with people from those regions.

Interview: Obsidian Fog Promotions & Booking

August 13, 2011

Welcome to Obsidian Fog! The world were dark, muggy and unexplained things come to life to only show you that they can do the best job possible. After meeting Manda a couple months back, I knew from day one that