Join Us

Hello, we are looking for music journalists for our webzine, Blood or Love.

Unfortunately, we can't pay you so it will have to be for the love of music that you do this.


Length doesn't matter to us, but for reviews we do not like verbose track by track breakdowns. There is a clear difference between giving the review "soul" and just being boring with your writing style. Generally speaking, it would be ideal if guest writers could give their personal touch to articles that they submit on here. Excessive cursing in one post will not be accepted due to the fact that it's ridiculous and counterproductive. And, of course, no racist and/or discriminatory bullshit will be accepted meaning that any band/group that glorifies that to a horrendous degree will not make the cut. There are some genres that we will not accept articles about and those would include mainly anything mainstream, metalcore, deathcore, any other "-core" that isn't hardcore or grindcore. However, we do have the capacity to change our minds on this if you are particularly convincing and if we like the samples you send our way.