Al-Namrood Announces A New Release!

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September 2, 2011

So I woke up to this awesome message in my inbox:

Absolute Hails from Al-Namrood.

We we would like to declare Al-Namrood’s upcoming fourth assault which will be one of the most assertive releases we will ever instill! We entitled this album “Kitab Al Awthan” which translates to, “Book of Polytheism,” and this time Al-Namrood is raising an ideology from the depths of the old shattered Arabian peninsula; where pure evil and savagery took the throne and control resulting in such a dreadful age which we are vestigially keen to call the Golden Age.

The album consists of 9 tracks, total tragedy of 47 minutes’ worth of intense culmination. It was recorded with an elite piece of production mastery, yet still and will ever be holding the great impression of the harsh underground sound. The album will be produced by Shaytan Productions.

We will unleash this monster in January 2012, so all of you can have a disastrous new year!

Make sure to visit our page on Stereokiller to hear a prelude of “Kitab Al Awthan”! Also keep track of Shaytan Productions for album promotions and pre-orders. We are still reachable through email and Myspace.

The cover of the new album will be revealed very soon and tracks will be posted on both Myspace and Stereokiller ASAP.

It’s happening soon..

Spread the word of King Nimrod!

And that should be a CHEERS to all of our true supporters!

My expression for the rest of the day:

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