Annotations of an Autopsy releases new music video for “Stage Breaker”

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June 18, 2011

Annotations of an Autopsy was a band that I couldn’t stand with the first EP they released, “Welcome to Sludge City”. After leaving Thiscityisburning Records, they signed with Siege of Amida Records and released another shit hole of a record, “Before the Throne of Infection”. True, they were selling albums and doing what thy want to do with the life they were blessed with but there was no way in hell I was supporting these guys.

Let’s roll over to 2010, cutting the contract with SOAR and signing a deal with Nuclear Blast Records was somewhat of a good move for them, in my opinion. They released a decent album, “II: The Reign of Darkness”, and they were doing European/American tours back to back. Finally, these guys were showing what they had, stepping up their game for Nuclear Blast and I was actually starting to like the shit hole of a band I hated two years ago. Well, it’s 2011 and things are taking a change for the worse, yet again. The upcoming EP called “Dark Days” is something I’m not wanting to hear at all. The new video,”Stage Breaker”, which will be on the “Dark Days” EP, has been released on Youtube and it’s streaming on some other sites. Let’s just say this….WELCOME TO SHITTY CITY!!

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